My love for dance and movement goes further back than I can even remember. My parents saw it too, so they enrolled me in dance classes at age two and I’ve been dancing ever since. Before I knew it, my dance studio became my second home.

Growing up, dance was more than just a hobby for me. It was a passion that gave me a sense of purpose and belonging. After graduating high school and college, it was challenging for me to find a dance studio that felt like home. I know a lot of other former dancers have had the same issue. Living without dance contributed to a great deal of anxiety, which I’ve struggled with for many years. I desperately needed to find an environment that gave me everything I was missing - community, confidence, and joy through dance. 

My goal in creating Evolve is to help others find just that. I wanted to create a space where dancers could come together and share their love and joy for dance. No matter what age or experience level, Evolve is a place where you belong. I feel incredibly grateful to be able to share my passion and contribute to a community that celebrates the power and beauty of movement. 

Rachel  Swartz
Reyna M.

Rachel teaches a new dance every class with open arms, patience, passion, the best kind of sass, and support.

I’m new to hip hop dance, but Rachel makes me feel the opposite. The community she’s created is welcoming, safe, and fun! Live out your childhood dream of being your favorite icon’s backup dancer and shake your way into Rachel’s class! You’ll leave feeling sexy, sweaty, and confident!

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Our goal is to get everyone dancing, to inspire joy and belonging. 

Evolve has something for everyone, at every fitness and dance levels. 

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